This SEO strategy will get you #1 Google rankings 10x faster.

This SEO strategy will get you #1 Google rankings 10x faster.

Ranking #1 isn’t luck or black magic. This is the secret “Snowball Strategy” ☃️ SEO agencies don’t want you to know.

Stop letting yourself become a victim of inflating advertising costs.

Ranking your keywords on Google is a by far the most cost-effective way to get more sales.

SEO is one of the only marketing methods that allows you to reap the benefits of compound growth. What you publish today, will still be making you sales 2 years from now.

But the reality is most bloggers, marketers and entrepreneurs are going about earning rankings completely wrong.

Most SEO amateurs try to swing for the fences. They go after the big, high-traffic keywords that are ultra-competitive.

It’s like a new investor betting the bulk of their money on a single “unicorn” company.

The truth is, just like finding a unicorn, the chances of your blog post beating out a well-known site with a decades-old domain are slim to none 📉

Instead, the best marketers use the Snowball Strategy.

They skip high-traffic and high competition keywords at the beginning.

Instead, they go after longer, more obscure keywords that are lower competition and easier to rank for.

SEO amateurs play the lottery and go after a broad, short-tail keywords like “best productivity apps”.

SEO Jedi go after specific, long-tail keywords like “best productivity apps for lawyers”.

The most genius part is that long-tail keywords tend to convert better because they solve a specific problem for a specific person.

Worry about buying-intent first, and traffic volume second.

Key Takeaway:

It is more effective to rank for 10 keywords with 100 monthly searches than for 1 keyword with 1000 monthly searches.

Long-tail keywords have less competition, higher buying-intent and when executed at scale they can generate significant traffic.

But, you might be thinking “why is it called the Snowball Strategy?”

Just like a snowball rolling down a hill and growing, your website gains more authority with every ranking you earn. Eventually your website will gain so much authority, you’ll be able to rank for those big, competitive short-tail keywords with ease.

Action Item:

Try publishing 20 blog posts that target long-tail keywords with low competition and high buying-intent.

You’ll be astounded at the results.

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