Don’t sleep on TikTok SEO 😴

Don’t sleep on TikTok SEO 😴

Thanks to GenZ, TikTok surpassed Google as the most visited domain in 2021.

Bold figure, but it’s true. If you sleep on TikTok SEO you will be left behind.

TikTok is climbing the ranks as a search engine, de-prioritizing trendy dancing content and focusing on edutainment to draw in businesses. In fact, watch time for TikToks is even higher than for YouTube videos.

The ultimate TikTok SEO checklist 📝

  1. Use TikTok’s search bar to find popular autofill search phrases based on seed keywords and make content on them
  2. Use third party tools like Answer the Public to unearth questions
  3. Optimize the text in your video to include target keyword
  4. Optimize your hashtags to include the target keyword
  5. Use keywords in your spoken dialogue for auto generated captions
  6. Focus on educational content that is 45 seconds or longer

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