Answer these 14 questions to create laser-focused marketing campaigns 👇

Answer these 14 questions to create laser-focused marketing campaigns 👇

Jot these down for your next campaign:

  1. Where does your target audience go to communicate with one another?
  2. Where does your target customer get their information?
  3. What are their biggest pain points, frustrations, and blockers?
  4. What are their hopes, dreams, and desires?
  5. What are their biggest fears?
  6. What is their preferred mode of communication?
  7. What language, slang, or terminology does your target customer use?
  8. What does a day in your target customer’s life look like?
  9. What delights them or brings them joy?
  10. What job titles might be associated with your target customer?
  11. What is the typical age range of your target customer?
  12. What is the typical income level of your target customer?
  13. What are some common hobbies of your target customer?
  14. What does your target customer normally spend their disposable income on?

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